150 sites spread over 80 acres bordered by the Missisquoi River

The pleasures of camping on an enchanting site!

Quebec’s Estrie region abounds with enchanted areas and we will make sure you make the most of it. Of all the regions of Quebec, Estrie is the one that attracts most visitors thanks to its natural attributes. Its wide open green spaces, forests and parks… That’s the Estrie region!

Whether it is through a web search using the key words such as Camping Estrie or Camping Eastern Townships, by word-of-mouth or on social media that you found us, know that by choosing the Camping Nature Plein Air, you will not go wrong! Camping Nature Plein Air is located in Mansonville in the Estrie region, at the centre of the Sutton-Bromont Orford triangle. It is composed of nearly 150 sites spread over 80 acres of wooded land is bordered by the Missisquoi River. A multitude of activities and facilities are offered for the whole family and for all tastes! School groups and businesses are welcome here for green days or team-building activities! We also welcome large gatherings of all kinds (associations, motorcycle, sports, etc.)! Escape to the nature of the Eastern Townships, choose the Camping Nature Plein Air!

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Camping Nature Plein Air - Eastern Township - Recipient of award Marketing de l'année 2016 - Camping Quebec
Camping Nature Plein Air - Eastern Township - Recipient of award Bâtisseur d'aujourd'hui 2016 - Camping Quebec
Camping Nature Plein Air - Eastern Township - Recipient of award Bâtisseur d'aujourd'hui 2013 - Camping Quebec

Discover our wonderful team!

Mathieu Fordham
Mathieu FordhamOwner
The company, previously owned by his parents, was taken over by the experiences hands of Mathieu Fordham. Growing up on the camping grounds, he had the chance to know the campers, work on the grounds with his father and next to his mother for everything administrative, all of which nursed grand ideas for the development of the ground. Ever since is takeover, he never ceases to propel the company to new levels by suggesting new installations, commodities and activities that are often sought-after by campers and outdoor enthusiasts.
Jacques Fordham
Jacques FordhamOwner and maintenance
Jacques and his family were campers on the site before acquiring it. Unofficial engineer in aeronautics, Jacques succeeded in reviving the company despite the obstacles he found on his path. He taught his children a strong sense of work and ethics. Now, he is happily retired and continues to work on the campsite as he pleases while enjoying the pure and fresh air of Mansonville.
Louise Longtin Fordham
Louise Longtin FordhamOwner and administration
She lived in Laval with her husband and children until the purchase of the campsite. After moving to Mansonville, they quickly realized all that this environment could bring them. Louise, who recently battled illness, says she received a lot of support from campers. She is now retired but cannot stop herself from taking care of the administration. With her passion for people and her interpersonal skills, this grand woman will welcome you and take care of you with a warm and infectious smile.
Sébastien Jack Fordham
Sébastien Jack FordhamOwner and administration
This Hagrid lookalike of a gentle giant known as Jack will charm you with his big heart and his kindness. Still, don’t poke the sleeping bear in him. On top of being a really good guy, he will amaze you with his unmatched pyrotechnist talents. He says he loves peanut butter, quite a useful camping item. You are forewarned!
Linda Dubois
Linda DuboisReceptionist
This experienced customer service lady was a camper first, but she decided to combine her passions for people and for camping to make your experience that much better. She is ready to welcome you with a warm smile as soon as you arrive. The festive attitude of the campers and kayakists make it even more enjoyable. To her, welcoming you is a pleasure.
Jean-François Mario Pelchat
Jean-François Mario PelchatVolunteer
Between “Pleurs dans la pluie” and “Perdu l’envie d’aimer”, this friend of the family gives us a solid hand in his spare time.
Julien Roy
Julien RoyRescuer
This keen eyed, sunscreen on the nose lifeguard is nos missing any of your moves during the lake’s swimming hours. You have nothing to worry about is Julien is watching you from his chair. He’s been trained by the bests somewhere near Malibu.
Karine Savoie
Karine SavoieWoman of texts
Camper from since her sweetest years, this proud ambassador has gained a strong sense of kinship for the Fordham family. She is always ready to promote all projects and to participate in their execution, and always has a kind and eloquent word to say about the camping, no matter where the conversation is going. “Don’t talk to me about the city, let’s talk about camping!”
David Veilleux-Murray
David Veilleux-MurraySocial media
This closet geek, sound technician is passionate about networks and technological tools. Autodidact, he keeps adding new strings to his bow by acquiring new skills such as graphics, video, etc. All these are useful to improve our presence on social media.