Service de dépanneur sur place - Camping Nature Plein Air

Convenience store on site

Camping Nature Plein air offers a convenience store directly on the site. You will find daily foods (milk, bread, etc.), canned goods, ice cream, drinks and treats of all kinds (chips, chocolate, popsicle, candies).

Service de vente de bois pour feu de camps - Camping Nature Plein Air

Sale of wood for campfires

Camping Nature Plein air also sells firewood to make campfires on your land. Available at all times at the Campground’s reception. It is forbidden to bring wood from outside to avoid EAB (emerald ash borer) infestations.

Rate Wood Bundle
Taxes included.
Service de Wi-Fi sur votre site - Camping Nature Plein Air

Wi-fi on your site

WI-FI is now available on the grounds and throughout all accommodations of Camping Nature Plein. The first 24 hours are free and thereafter the rates are:

Rates Daily Weekly Seasoner
Service de transport de kayak - Camping Nature Plein Air

Kayak transportation service

For the kayaking activity, Camping Nature Plein air offers a shuttle service for those who use their own kayak.

Rates Single Double or canoe
Set departure times
(10 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3 pm)
$16 $21
Out of Schedule times $21
Prices are established per kayak. Taxes included